Would my daughter and I walk in the other's shoes?

Hello, it's me again,

Yesterday I was talking about walking in other's shoes to see

if I could live the way they do and vise versa.

Today I spent the day with 4 of my youngest grandchildren and spoke to my 2

oldest granddaughter via messenger.

My daughter Amanda has a total of 9 children 8 are her biological children and she

has a bonus daughter.

Could or would I walk a mile in her shoes? No on both, now before you get your panties bunched up let me explain. I love my daughter with all my heart

and she knows this. But here is why I say I couldn't or wouldn't walk a mile in her

shoes. She is a recovering drug addict and by the way, I am very proud of her for her recovery it cost her a lot when she was doing the drugs she was doing. And we came to terms with what happened when all of that went down.

But I also know she wouldn't walk a mile in my shoes either. Not because I didn't do the stuff she has but because of things, I went through with her biological father and brother.

So together we took a stand and changed our lives. She is in RECOVERY and is one of the strongest young ladies I know. And I have met some young ladies who would rather blame than take responsibility for their actions. So she has changed her life for the better, she is healthier, happier and so much stronger from her fight.

And me well I have changed quite a bit myself I have learned to stand up for myself, not back down when someone gets in my face and tells me to shut up or makes me feel less than human.

So I bet you are wondering why I chose to write about this today, Well let me tell you why...

My daughter will be 37 in 2 days. And every year for the last 8 years I have watched her children for her birthday weekend, and this year I could not have my grandbabies come to my home because of the remodel from the flood back in May of this year. So I went to her home and watched them while her husband which by the way is a totally different husband from when she was on the drugs. Anyways, I went there and watched Kyle Jr, Allie Rose, Dallas, and Elijah while they went out to lunch and to have some alone time together. I realized that even though I love my grandchildren to the moon and back I wouldn't want to be a mom in this day and age, Now again before you get your panties in a wad, what I mean by that is when I was growing up and when I had my children 37 & 34 years ago things where

different and you could actually get into trouble without someone thinking you were being mean. Now, none of the littles I watched this beautiful day were anything but perfect angels because as we all know children mind better when it's grandma and grandpa or nana and poppy, someone other than mom and dad. But again could we or would we want to walk in the other's shoes again I wouldn't want to because I have seen her struggles. And I honestly don't think I could because I have seen her struggles. Would she want to walk a mile in my shoes? I seriously doubt it since she has seen my struggles from what I dealt with from her father and from what her biological brother has said and done to me. Plus she sees what I am dealing with now and she asks me daily why I am still dealing with certain crap that I have the power to change.

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