In 1 way a sad day in another way a beautiful day.

Hello, it's me Patrica again,

Today well it's been an okay day sad in some ways, and good in others.

The sad part you ask? Well, I had to tell 2 of the young men that I have worked with the last

few months bye and wish them well with their future endeavors. Because it was the last day that I got to work with them.

Lucas surprised me with bring donuts in from Hurts Donuts, which was such a sweet thing to do. And let me tell you boy are they rich, a good thing I cant eat them all at one time.

This young man is from Brazil and is one of the sweetest people I know. He could make me smile on even one of my worst days. Which says a lot about him and his manners.

Then there is Kaleb and this young man, well let me tell you.. he and I would sit in the afternoons and talk just about anything and everything. In fact, his family is from Illinois and he knew about the places I would talk about that my husband had told me about.

And we discussed family, and marriage, and children. And he could also turn one of my off days into a good one. I am so pleased to of met these two young men.

They are bright, smart, handsome, and very sweet and very taken ladies so don't go getting any ideas.

I am hoping that when Lucas's girlfriend comes back from Brazil here in the next few weeks I will be able to get some pictures of him and his fiance.

I am also hoping that I get to get some of Kaleb and his fiance as well.

As far as the rest of my day, well it's been a beautiful day, and I am staying positive and not letting things ruin it just because someone may be in a bad mood or whatever other reason may pop up. and on my way home today I stopped at a yard sale bought myself a deep pie dish and I am thinking of making homemade potpie in it sometime soon, well as soon as it is not a million degrees outside.

So to Lucas and Kaleb who I hope will read this, Thank you both so very much for making my summer not so dull.

I also got to meet James & Ben and these 2 are also amazing but Kaleb and Lucas well those 2 keep me in smiles and laughter for the summer and I could never repay them for that.

I also met Brian and Christie who are very nice people who are very busy with their lives and their jobs, And I wish all of these people the best of luck in whatever it is they choose to do.