Getting knocked back 5 steps

Hello, its me …

How many times have you thought awesome things are starting to look up

and I will be able to get things straightened out and back on track?

And then out of no where life decides to throw you a curve ball and you

feel as if the few steps forward you accomplished just got knocked out from under

you and now you are 5 steps back further than you where before the curveball?

Why am I asking you this question?

Because it seems like every time I feel as if I am starting to get ahead something or

someone knocks me back like yep not this time you still aren't going to get this taken care of or your not good enough to do this.

No explanation, no I'm sorry, no it isn't your fault its because of this.

Now I know I am not the only one who feels this way, in fact one of my friends messaged me this morning telling me that she felt this way this morning.

But why is it that every time we think we are going to get ahead, get things taken care of or

realize that things need to change and try and change them do we get knocked back 5 steps?

I know that I have made some bad decisions and that Karma is and can be a total pain in the

backside. But why do I feel as if she is always kicking my butt?

Now do not get me wrong I know that I have some things to be very grateful for.

Like, I have my health, I have all of my limbs that work even though there are days that

I have major pains in some of my limbs. I have family that loves me and I have made some

amazing friends over the past few weeks.

I have a car to get back and forth to work in, its insured, I have a home even though it

is in shambles at the moment due to having to remodel due to a natural disaster this past May.

So you might be asking yourself if she has all this what is she complaining about?

Well, as I said ever time I think I will be able to make sure things are paid on time, or I will be able to go into my lawyers office and discuss the things I need to discuss and pay for their services. life throws me one of those curve balls and stops me in my tracks.

So how many of you feel as if you are being knocked back 5 steps for every 3 steps you take forward?

IN the last 2 blogs I talked about walking in others shoes and if I could or would want to.

I don't know if I would actually want to, but some people I know I think if I could walk in their shoes just for a day to see how their lives where compared to mine I might.

Or if you could go back in time and change just one or two things in your past to see if they would change the out come of where your life is right now If I could I probably would.

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