From then to Now

Evening its me again, and I turned a year older yesterday..

And while its not really a big deal I thought about what my life has been like for the last 55 years.

Born in California, raised in the Ozarks, had a loving family,was a fairly good student, had an amazing boyfriend but for some reason we broke up and I started dating guy I married 2 times ,dropped out of school at 17 got married. Had my daughter 8 days before my 18th birthday, had my son when I was 21.

Got divorced at 26 but never left stayed with person I had been married too remarried him 2001 and divorced again in 2005, left totally in April of 2008.

Got married June of 2008 to someone else, currently still married to him.

Learned to drive semi in August of 2008 drove kinda over the road for 6 months.

Went to Lester E Cox received an Associate Degree in Medical Science in May of 2011.

Took care of my parents until the both passed away, my beautiful momma in Oct. of 2013 and my wonderful poppa in Nov. of 2015.

Went to work for Lowe's met some amazing people, worked there for 3 years, started studing for my Bachelor's Degree in Applied Business Management , almost completed that before having trouble getting FASFA to assist with tution.

Went to work in a physicians office, realized I didnt fit in there, gave notice, son moved back home after realizing he needed help with getting DX straightened out. Got all that taken care of.

Started photography business April of 2020 then Covid_19 hit . Did some amazing wedding photographys for some nice couples.

Fast forward to 2021, Started working at Drury University as an Assistant in the mailroom to supervise Students and realizing that even though I have driven through almost all of the states. I have never been anywhere for Vacation, I have never felt like I have been truly happy in my life, So my question to myself is what am I going to do about it?

Growing up the most I ever weighed was 115 pounds..

I now longer have any of those pictures because they all have been destroyed by floods and so forth.

But I do have pictures I took the week before my birthday and the day of my birthday which I will post at the end of this blog.

So I'm guessing you are wondering well did she figure out what it is she wanted to figure out.

Kinda of, First off I am going to figure out away that works for me to lose weight and feel good about myself.

Because if I dont like myself how can anyone else like me....

2) start realizing that I do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. I can be friends with people do things with people but not have to be married to them if I choose not to be.

3) I am going to start planning for a trip for my 60th birthday, figure out where I would like to go either with someone or by myself.

4) Change my negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns, so I can be happy and content with my life choices.

The following pictures are of me either at 55 or a few days before I turned 55 along with some qoutes I will be telling myself daily.

So learn to love yourself, take care of yourself and never give up on yourself because at the end of the day all you have is you and the good lord above.

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