From the inside out

Good Evening it's me,

So I wrote a blog on my photography website titled " how to feel sexy again"

I was wondering how many of us ladies feel as if we aren't sexy enough or feel as if

we are not good enough to have someone actually desire to be with us.

No not for just sex, because feeling sexy is so much more.

It's the desire to be loved, to have your significant other want to spend time with you.

To go out with you and spend time with you.

And yes Ladies we need to make sure we make our significant others feel the same way.

But the question still remains how do we actually achieve this goal?

For me? I try talking to him letting him know how I feel, how he makes me feel,

For instance, tomorrow is my birthday, I requested that this past weekend that he set something special up, didn't have to be anything other than maybe make breakfast for me, or instead of sitting inside all weekend have a bonfire,

But instead of doing any of these things, I got set aside, or forgotten about,

His excuse was well I snoozed because I didn't write it down so I forgot. So that makes me feel as if I am not sexy enough or good enough for him to remember that on his week off from work to spend time with me.

One of my friends feels like she isn't sexy because as she puts it she is too muscular, she has no feminine part to her.

I tell her she is beautiful because she is caring, and listens to her friends and that people male or female should see her from the inside out instead of looking or judging the book by the cover.

Because I am not pretty, or beautiful or at least I don't see that I am. And apparently, neither does my significant other or he would have wanted to spend time with me this weekend.

So instead of tearing each other down whether you are male or female maybe we should start looking on the inside and see what there is because looks fade, bodies change over time, hair falls out, and well the outward appearances changes.

So with that being said, enjoy these quotes for love,

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