Being Humble and Thankful

Good Morning beautiful people,

I sit here and talk to 2 of my friends, my oldest granddaughter via text messages on either

messenger or just the phone itself and I realize how much I have to be thankful for.

Yes, I am still looking for a permanent position somewhere, yes I still have things that

are due and I at the moment have no real way of taking care of them.

But, I have people in my life who want me to be in theirs, whether it's to talk about baby names or due dates.. OR if it to talk about gardening and all the produce they are harvesting. Or if its about getting back to school and getting their children ready to start

back up.

I know that this is a new chapter in my life, I know that there are decisions that need to be made.

But I am thankful for the things I do have, my friends, my family, the fact that I have a car, a roof over my head even if the interior is not totally completed yet.

I have a job where I get assigned temporary assignments, I have insurance, I have food on my table to eat.

But what I am most thankful for at the moment is I have not lost anyone close to me,

Why do I say this? Well, my neighbor has lost her husband of over 50 years, my great-niece lost her grandma, I have had friends lately who have lost people that they love like family.

I have been blessed by not losing anyone close to me.

Looking for a permanent position is something I can do while working on my temporary assisgments.

The things I need to take care of or the decisions I need to make I will be able to make while doing other things.

So be thankful for your family, your friends, partners, your children.

Because you never know when something will happen and you might lose the ones closest to you.

I'm thankful that you take the time out of your day to read my blogs.

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