Becoming accountable.

Good Morning its me again,

Defying the odds and changing things for the better, how would someone

go about doing that?

How about keeping a journal for a couple of days and writing down all your

thoughts the good ones, the bad ones. And then for the next few days putting

a spin on those bad thoughts and turning them into good ones.

For instance, instead of saying " what if I fail at" say failure is a lesson learned

and I learned ........, Or instead of saying " No I can not do this anymore" say

"I am going to change this into something I can do."

Do you hold yourself accountable for your actions or "do you just say oh well

it happened and its no big deal ", or "do you say well there is no reason for me to

apologize because no one would believe me anyway."

We should all hold ourselves accountable for things that have happened or is happening in

our lives. Now I am not saying keep beating yourself up or knocking yourself down over things.

But at the very least take responsibility for your actions. Have someone help you

be accountable for your actions. Have someone who will help you see

that you don't have to have the negative outlook.

My person who is helping me be accountable for my thoughts and actions,

well I actually have 2 My beautiful oldest sister Allene, and my best friend that I have

known for 47 years Eric.

I speak to both of these wonderful people either everyday or at the very least every other day. Eric makes me laugh, he will turn some of my negative thoughts into something so silly

I realize I need to rethink what it was I was thinking.

And Allene , well she is my sister and she just doesn't take anyone's bs, and will call you out on it, she also reminds me that I am strong, and that I can do what I set my mind too. And this helps me remind myself daily that my beautiful mother who at the most ever weighed 115 pounds and that was almost 55 years ago rest her soul was the strongest tiniest woman I knew. And her blood runs through my veins as well as my grandmother and great grandmother. and my poppa.

Now I have not met anyone else who had her ability to turn a bad situation into something she could deal with in the blink of an eye.

I remember when I had my gallbladder surgery, afterwards I got sick again and was in pain,

so I went back to the physician and was readmitted into the hospital, I was so drugged up on pain meds that I slept most of the time I was there, And I had forgotten to put her on my HIPPA form, so of course she couldn't find anything out, so here is the funny part of this story,

This tiny woman whom by the way was sick , and losing weight rapidly came into my room

and stood up over me and said " Patrica Darlene you are making me and your poppa very worried because you will not wake up" I remember telling her well what do you want me to do about it, her response wake up stay awake and get out of this damn hospital.

I was up and out of the hospital in like 2 days after that.

So see having a positive outlook or remembering that you are strong and the blood that runs through your veins come from a long line of strong men and/ women is a good thing, you might for get every now and then, but having someone anyone help hold you accountable will help you remember that you are strong and that you can turn all of the negative thoughts into positive ones and that you can accomplish and achieve all of your goals.

You just have to have the drive and the will to do so.

So with this blog what I would love for anyone reading it to take away from it

is that no matter what you think ...

YOU ARE STRONG!! and that whatever is going on in your life you will prevail and

have good things happen to you..

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